Romeo and Juliet School Tour

TBA, Spring 2022

Bring one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies right into your school! Back by popular demand, our All the World’s A Stage School Tour will return with Romeo and Juliet. Your students will be captivated by a 90-minute adaptation of this classic play presented by our professional actors and directed by our Artistic/Executive Director, Carmen Khan. The production is followed by a post-performance discussion with the actors, and includes a comprehensive study guide designed by our Artistic Director and Education Director.

Our Romeo & Juliet School Tour is designed to be performed in school common spaces like gyms, cafeterias, and auditoriums. Cast and crew need 45 minutes before and 30 minutes after the performance in the space, and a secured room where cast and crew may leave belongings and valuables.

Performances will be available in either the morning or afternoon.

Audience: 150 max per performance

To learn more about booking your school, click here or contact our Education Director, Rebekah Wilcox, at 215-496-9722 or email at

Verona is polarized. The entire community has hardened into two opposing camps, and has devolved to such a pitch that even the slightest, seemingly innocent contact between the two inevitably spirals into open conflict. Sound familiar?

Into this world come two teenagers, Romeo and Juliet, who want nothing to do with this poisoned society. They find each other, and a gigantic passion of overwhelming power and intensity springs to life between them. Their pure, innocent love overcomes every obstacle that their parents’ world throws up between them. And just like a quiet, miraculous rose that grows in a cesspool and somehow makes it clean, their love heals their world.

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