Through the engagement with and performance of Shakespeare’s text using a unique artistic methodology, we create matchless and transformative experiences that empower audiences of all ages to expand and challenge their worldview.


All students need opportunities worthy of their promise. They need experiences that empower them to push outside their comfort zones, become powerful communicators, thinking intensively and imaginatively, enlarging their minds and world, through immersion in distant and difficult texts, and feel woven into the fabric of the human experience. Many students in our area don’t have access to experiences that ignite passion, challenge their understanding of self, and provide them for a lifetime of further inquiry and success. Regardless of where our students come from, we are committed to equalizing access to engagement in the transcendent power of performing the works of William Shakespeare.



carmen_khan_top“I was saved by Shakespeare. The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre was born out of my profoundly personal response to the language and poetry of William Shakespeare. I was first introduced to these plays at the age of fourteen, living in a troubled home, in a frightening neighborhood. These plays took me out of my world and myself. I felt that I was awakened from a deep dreamless sleep. There emerged within me the palpable idea that there could be more to life than just survival that it could be a vigorous, imaginative and emotional journey.

Shakespeare is the basis of our vision to create an environment where artists and audiences can explore opportunities for transformational experiences, where we can fulfill our artistic dreams with daring and boldness, through the power of theatre that is of extraordinary quality.” — Carmen Khan, Artistic / Executive Director