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Past Performances
Henry V
  Presented by the Classical Acting Academy
Directed by Aaron Cromie
August 4 - August 15, 2010
Wed - Sat at 7 pm, Sun at 2 pm
Tickets are FREE!
Tickets are first come, first served and available at the box office three hours before curtain each day.

Watch and enjoy as this exuberant take on this classic history play sheds new light on the perils, pleasures and pains of fulfilling ones' destiny.
Henry V is one of Shakespeare’s most famous history plays. It is based on the life of King Henry V of England and centers around events before and after the battle of Agincourt in 1415, during the 100 Years War.

Henry V is the kingly sequel to Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2 where we meet Prince Henry (Hal) as a young and undisciplined man, frequenting bars and thieving with the charming, but dissolute, Falstaff. If you saw last summer’s Classical Acting Academy’s production of Henry IV, Part 1 at The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, you will enjoy the continuation of Hal’s story. The once undisciplined Prince has transformed into an ambitious and charismatic King who has inherited a troubled throne but sets out to conquer France and briefly unites it with England.
The Classical Acting Academy Company:
Michael Gregory        Henry V
Amanda Bernhardt    Archbishop of Canterbury, Mistress Quickly, Charles VI King of France,                                                        Alice, maid to Princess Katherine
Victoria Rose Bonito  Duke of Exeter, Captain Gower, Messenger
Bethany Ditnes         Princess Katherine of France, Montjoy, a French Messenger    
Brian K. Elam           Duke of Westmoreland, Pistol, a commoner, the Constable of France,
                              John Bates, a soldier
Shaun Fury              Duke of Gloucester, Captain Fluellen, Governor of Harfleur, Messenger
Nick Martorelli          Chorus
Meredith H. Mitchell  Earl of Salisbury, Nym, a commoner, Lord Scroop, Duke of Orleans,
                              Alexander Court, a soldier
Eric Wunsch             Earl of Bedford, Bardolph, a commoner, Lord Gray,
                              The Dauphin, Michael Williams, a soldier

Production Team
Aaron Cromie                Director
Faezeh Faezipour           Set Designer  
Amanda Kroll                Costume Designer  
Dave Todaro                 Lighting Designer  
Paul Winnick                 Sound Designer  
Brian Cowden               Fight Choreographer
J.J. Van Name              Text Coach  
John Peakes                 Text Coach  
Lee Huttner                  Stage Manager  
Danielle Kindt               Associate Stage Manager
Angela Coleman            Electrician
Jorge McConnie Saad     Run Crew