A Midsummer Night’s Dream CityPaper Review

Photo Credit: Kendall Whitehouse Theater review: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ offers up can’t-miss comedy, and a little magic Mark Cofta, April 13, 2015 With all the Shakespeare playing on area stages — Hamlet at the Wilma, Macbeth at the Arden, and the Lantern’s Taming of the Shrew — overlooking the

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Graphing Shakespeare Like Music

-ANNA PERLEMAN (SF02) The College, St. John’s College Jack Armstrong’s (SF83) official title at Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre (PST) is vice president of the board of directors—but his roles are many: producer, fundraiser, dramaturge, and graphic designer. He is also charter of plots, a title all his own, with its roots in a

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Henry V slider copy

REVIEW: Henry V at The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre

-NEAL ZOREN, Nealspaper: Aaron Cromie specializes in giving plays kinetic motion. His productions always brim with life and, when possible, are set in an alternative time and place them offsets themes and often adds perspective and clarity to a piece. For “Henry V” at Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Cromie moves The

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HENRY V (Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre): Bringing history to life and making learning fun

October 27, 2014 – Debra Miller for PHINDIE Director par excellence Aaron Cromie brings his inimitable brand of wit and insight to The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre’s exuberant interpretation of HENRY V, a main-stage revival of his successful summer presentation with the company’s Classical Acting Academy in 2010. Shakespeare’s famous history play examines

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A Love to Die for

April 14, 2014 – Kathryn Osenlund ROMEO AND JULIET (Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre): A Love to Die for They’ve known each other for what—a couple of hours? Already they’re crazy in love, and they’ll steadfastly love each other against all odds. A love to die for. One of the world’s most

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Show Us Your Love

Written by Jennifer Kramer April 13, 2014 Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre In popular consciousness, the position that Romeo and Juliet occupies is one of extremes. It’s arguably Shakespeare’s most famous play (with only Hamlet for competition), and the feud between the Montagues and the

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A messy mix, this R&J’s all right

By Wendy Rosenfield, For The Inquirer POSTED: April 12, 2014 At its core, Romeo and Juliet, currently receiving a conceptually odd but effective treatment by Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, is all about the irresistible-force paradox: What happens when such a force meets an immovable object? If the force is teenage hormones

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Celebrating Shakespeare at 450: An Interview with The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre’s Carmen Khan

January 19, 2014 – Debra Miller Carmen Khan has devoted much of her life and professional career to Shakespeare. She is well known to the Philadelphia theater community as the founding artistic director and long-time executive director of The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, where she has directed numerous productions; she ranks

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